Sole mates -Fleeting away: A brief introspect into the past life

Why do we fear what we crave the most?
Why do we resent who we love the most?
I can see it in your eyes
the sadness and demise
But that was in the past
Now let this present moment rise

Like the golden shining sun
A reflection of who you are
Surround yourself in Love and realize that you're a star
Gaze into my soul and tell me what you see

The Universe was made for exactly you and me

How I used to wish you were here and now we gently swim
let's finish the human race it's finally time to win
Spiritually awake
From the Dream we used to grab
From the Moon we used to nap
From the Tree we used to laugh

From the Love we used to have
What happened?

We were both searching for bliss but lost it along the way
In a tunnel of forgotten memories that fade just like the day
In a kaleidoscopic elegy that we prayed for in the night
My dearly departed, please come back to life
If you come back to me now I want to let you know
That like the Tree of Life, our love will eternally grow.

Where does it end and where do we begin
Or will we become two broken silhouettes blowing kisses in the wind?




Sing me a Lullaby to pass the time
And wake me up to a Ray of sunshine
I rest my back on the Savannah heat
Until April showers arrest me

Another name for Life - arrives
A White dove in the shady skies
The crossroads creeped a torn blank Page
From Shells and seas to birds and Bees

How distracted I have been from
Your honey scented gentle smile
Milk so pure is white as skin
Taste the inside lick your lips

Dream Estate

Lucidly waiting for the light
Sanskrit symbols uncontrollably shaking
Divine, conquer, slowly dividing

Multifaceted colored stars are shining
Different colors retracting, focusing
Millions of galaxies stare at me
Awestruck by the universe inside me

Death, just a portal to a new dimension
Meandering along this beautiful game
Throw it in the box after we're done

Mundane souls awaiting salvation
Eternity trapped in time
Slaves becoming slaves in history repeating
Caste system pyramid is in a landslide
Answers lie in front of you to decipher
Learn from your past and break the cycle
In tiles and patterns from his pen destroy it now!
Necks connected to tree branches swinging, 
social farms run by economic master, hush!
Everything is going to be okay.