The sands of time cover up the mirror
that reflect the Great Mystery.
— Jamil Apostol

The mysteries of life and music intersected on a dusty Nevada road when Jamil Apostol began to play strings some eight years ago. Now, the Tennessee-born, but Reno-raised artist is writing and creating to capture timelessness in our ever-changing existence.

Apostol is a fresh, new voice dawning in an age of quarrel and hypocrisy. His drive as a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist comes from a passion he has for learning and connecting with others through creativity. His modern storytelling groove with a traditional Americana folk sound invites listeners from all walks of life to tune in and sing-along; from intimate campfires to large festivals, vibrant nightclubs and the humblest of front porches.

“My purpose,” he says, “is to help the masses have a higher sense of consciousness and a greater sense of self-realization; to find out who you really are deep down inside and find out what is our common core.”

Since Apostol’s first studio album titled “On The Road,” with his seven piece Reno-based band The Bonfire Set, he has kept an eye to the wide expanse as the fuel to his vision.



Now he’s embarking on a new project called Jamil Apostol and The Good Wills. Their first album, “Off the Beaten Path,” is set to debut 2018.

The 10-song album is a manifestation of the adventures and lessons learned since leaving Reno and The Bonfire Set in 2015, and traveling the country alongside the homeless, a Monk, other seekers, mystics and nomads.

“I am breaking through the illusion of what is put upon us, whether it be gender roles, societal roles or upbringing. We ‘gotta step back and after a while ask ourselves who am I? I feel like this is what people work for - it’s what we’re trying to preserve and maintain - and I feel like music helps us to transcend all these borders.”

In the spirit of a true artist, his poetic perspective thrives on pure experience and the interconnectedness of life.